CMP Auto

Helping customers find their dream car, new and used in Calgary, AB. Thank you for helping DRSD with our travels!

MisMack Clean Cosmetics

Sustainable, clean, ethical. As a travelling dance team, it is important for DRSD to do anything we can to minimize our environmental impact. We are honoured to be supported by, and to support, a developing cosmetic line based in BC that is 100% biodegradable!

Sponsor Us

Advertisement in return for sponsorship: Help DRSD and your company grow together. As we grow, our social media presence is gaining momentum. Advertising will also be done our website, and promotional dances videos can be made for your own marketing.

Team-building session: In addition, we would love to host an interactive dance team-building event for you and your staff to enjoy the DRSD Experience! Lack of movement or repetitive movement on a daily basis can be detrimental to our health. Get your staff moving with DRSD! They will be a happier, more productive and healthier version of themselves. Also….it’s a blast of an event and an innovative opportunity for team building with lasting positive effects.


DRSD is inclusive, promotes culture appreciation, encourages emotional expression through art, and brings individuals together. Please help us maintain our journey, email