What is the DRSD Experience?

D Rhythm Soul Dance Experience is a new and diverse DANCE school in Calgary, Alberta. 

With DRSD, you will experience any dance with Afro-Caribbean roots. This could be Jazz, Latin, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern  Soca, Dancehall,  Afro Beats, Caribbean-Creole and Afro Pumps. DRSD is the only dance school in Calgary where you will learn the 4 major modern techniques of Katherine Dunham, Lester Horton, Martha Graham and Limon.

The DRSD Experience is a creative fusion that takes your dancing to new levels. With DRSD you will experience the sweet ecstasy of accomplishment as you learn that “Everything Moves, Everything Has Rhythm.”

It is the joy passed down from the ancestors, it is the movement of the trees in the wind.

Dance is expressing art through the human body. The DRSD experience empowers every dancer to feel emotion through dramatic structure which allows for each dancer to tap in to all of their skills known and yet to be discovered. Each dancer is an individual with a unique perspective and skill set which brings something special to the community. Therefore at DRSD, we have created methods to teach all dancers, even those who believe they have two left feet.

Who Attends Our School?

DRSD welcomes dancers from all walks of life regardless of past training, age, gender or background. We are Canada’s most inclusive school of dance and movement. Come and experience the joy of artistic expression through movement with us.

Mission Statement

“My mission is to build dancers in an environment where every person who dreamed or aspired to dance in their life will be able to dance and to showcase my choreography. Any dancer deserves an opportunity to perform, and it is my mission to build confidence in all dancers. I wish to make Calgary a place representative and celebratory of different cultures in dance.” De-Ann Weekes, Artistic Director

School Dancers Jumping in St Kitts
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